Breakfast and Sea of clouds

Breakfast and Sea of clouds




  • Breakfast and Sea of clouds
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Special experience in the winter!

Uchiko Town is a basin, so the temperature between night and day is large. When the temperature is very low in the morning and the weather is going to be clear, there is a big chance to see the sea of clouds.

How do you like having a breakfast while looking at the sea of clouds and sunrise?

We offer a special breakfast plan at Tenchu-no-yado HIROKO, a guesthouse that run by a farmer couple. The breakfast includes eggs and seasonal gridled vegetable, rice and miso soup and more!
You will be filled with good food and fresh air!

Price : 2,500 yen per person, 2,000 yen for elementally schools kids.

【Important Notice】
-This plan does not included transportations. You need to hire a taxi or have a rent-a-car. The guesthouse is up in the mountain, takes about 15 min drive from the town center of Uchiko. Some of the road are pretty narrow.
-The owner doesn't speak English. If you would like to hire a translator, please contact us in advance.
-This plan does not guarantee the appearance of the sea of clouds.

Breakfast made with fresh ingredients!

The owner of the guesthouse has a vegetable farm right next to the house.
They also have chickens for fresh eggs.

If you don't mind raw eggs, give it try on the rice and soy sauce.
It is super delicious!!

There will be plenty of food like Shitake mushrooms and seasonal vegetable to grill, handmade vegetable dishes, soup.


Price●2500 yen per person

●2000 yen per person for elementally schools kids
※5 years old and under are free

Please pay at the guesthouse HIROKO.
Operation dayThe plan will be offered
【From January 4th to February 29th in 2024】

Please book in advance, at least one week ahead.

TimeThe breakfast starts 7;00, 7:30, 8:00. Please choose when you book.

If you would like to see the sunrise, get to the guesthouse at 6:00 to 6:30.
Please be at the guesthouse at latest by 8:00.
BookingPlease give us a message with the information below by "Contact us".
1. Name and Number of people
2. When and What time
3. How do you get to the guesthouse
4. The place you stay the night before

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