Uchiko SAKURA Tour with local Udon noodle lunch


Taking you 7 Sakura spots in a day

A local guide will take you 7 to seven cherry blossom viewing location.
Along the way, you can also enjoy shopping at the roadside station Karari.
For lunch, you will be served Udon noodles at a local favorite restaurant.
A complementary special drink and a wash cloth made in Uchiko are included.

【The 7 selected SAKURA spots】
① The Weeping cherry tree of Ishidatami -higashi
② The Weeping cherry tree of Nomura
③ Roadside station Karari
④ Roadside station Seseragi
⑤ Yuge shrine
⑥ Okubi Pond
⑦ Aino-no-hana

《Date》 March 30th in 2024
《Time》 Depart 10:00 AM Return Around 4:30 PM*
《Meeting Place》 JR Uchiko station
《Price》 13,200 Yen per parson
《Number of participants》 6 - 8
《Application Deadline》 2024/3/25
We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.

9:50 Meeting at JR Uchiko station
10:00 Depart
    The Weeping Cherry Tree of Ishidatami-higashi (20 min stay)
   =walk=Yuge shrine(20 min stay)
    Roadside Station Karari (30min stay)
13:00 lunch at Kajika-tei at Roadside Station Seseragi (40min stay)
    The Weeping Cherry Tree of Nomura (20min stay)
    Okubi pond (20min stay)
    Aino-no-hana (20min stay)
16:30 Return to JR Uchiko station

*Time schedule is subject to change.

The Tarai Udon

"Tarai" means a basin in English. People use to use Tarai for washing dishes and clothes.

There is an old story tells how it starts.
One day in Edo era, the load of the Ozu-han visited Oda village for hunting deer on the way back to the castle. The load got very hungry and asked a villager to prepare a meal for him. The villager served hot Udon noodle in a basin. The load really liked it.

The noodles are soft unlike Sanuki Udon in Kagawa prefecture, but they are nice and chewy. The broth used for dip sauce is made from soybeans, shiitake mushroom and Iriko (small dried sardines).

Enjoy the very special local food at local's favorite restaurant.

To book this tour, please send a message to Uchiko Tourism Association office from the link below. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

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