Enjoy the local specialty "Tarai Udon" while listening to the sound of the river

"Tarai Udon" is Udon noodles served in “Tarai”, a wooden tub. The dipping sauce for Udon noodles uses broth from dried sardines, shiitake mushrooms, and soybeans.

There is some outside seating right next to a river as well as regular tables inside the restaurant. It would be nice to have your meal with a cool breath and a beautiful view, especially in the cherry blossom season.

Oda specialty "Tarai Udon" noodles
Oda specialty "Tarai Udon" noodles
Enjoy your meal in the beautiful nature
Enjoy your meal in the beautiful nature


Address251-1 Teramura, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime, Japan(In the Roadside Station "Oda-no-sato Seseragi")
Opening hours10:30-15:00
ClosedDec.31 - Jan.3
Parking43 car capacity


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