Tsubame Sho-bo Bookstore

Tsubame Sho-bo Bookstore

The charm of used books is that you can encounter a book that you never thought you would encounter. That book I read a long time ago, that book that I was interested in but had forgotten about for some time. 

Why don't you forget about your busy life for a moment and turn the pages one by one at your own pace? Please come and take a leisurely walk through the townscape of Uchiko.

We also buy used books. You are welcome to bring books to sell to the store.

Postcards and Japanese goods are also available.


Address2884 Uchiko, Uchiko town, Kita-gun, Ehime, Japan
Opening hoursMon - Fri 13:00~17:00
Sat & Sun 10:00~17:00


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