Tenjin Japanese Paper Factory

Tenjin Japanese Paper Factory

Even now "Washi" (Japanese paper) is produced according to the old tradition

Using the clear water of the Oda River, Washi is made by the traditional technique of "Nagashi-zuki" (scoop & drain).
"Ōzu Washi" is said to have been manufactured since the Heian era (794-1185) and still now local traditional craftsmen make it carefully by hand. It is used for calligraphy paper, shoji sliding door screens, etc. but also for special application like for the Ikazaki Kite Battle kites.

In the factory tours you can watch the papermaking process or learn how to make Washi by yourself. Since craftsmen will teach you step by step, even beginners will be able to make authentic Washi paper.

In the Ōzu Washi Hall on the site you can buy cute notepads and other accessories. Especially the Shodo-hanshi (calligraphy paper) is high quality and very popular. Traditional handicrafts established the high grade "Washi" brand.



Address1240-1 Hiraoka, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime, Japan
Opening hours[Tenjin Japanese Paper Factory, Papermaking]8:30-16:30(only on weekdays)

[Gift Shop]8:30-16:30(weekdays)9:00-16:30(Sat., Sun. and holidays)
Closed[Tenjin Japanese Paper Factory, Papermaking] Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, Bon holidays, New Year holidays.

[Gift Shop] Bon holidays, New Year holidays
Admission【Factory tour】500 yen per person / 6yrs-18yrs 200 yen
【Paper making】1500 yen per person ※Reservation Required
ParkingParking Available / 20 car capacity(Free)


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