• 【May 5th】Ikazaki Kite Battle Festival
  • 【May 5th】Ikazaki Kite Battle Festival2
  • 【May 5th】Ikazaki Kite Battle Festival3
  • 【May 5th】Ikazaki Kite Battle Festival4

2024.4.9【May 5th】Ikazaki Kite Battle Festival

Fantastic! 500 huge kites soar high up into the sky!
The Ikazaki Kite Battle festival has a history of over 400 years, it is the biggest traditional event of Uchiko. On both sides of the Oda River, spectators rejoice watching over 500 huge kites soaring into the sky! Using kites equipped with razorsharp blades called "Gagari" to cut the opponents string, a heroic battle unfolds. The event, that takes place on May 5 every year, has been designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Ehime Prefecture.
■Date May 5th every year (will be postponed in case of rainy weather)
■Place Toyoaki-gawara, Ikazaki, Uchiko town, Ehime, Japan
■Entry fee Anybody can fly a kite (fee required)
■Parking Parking Available (about 1,200 car capacity: Free)
■Access There is a free shuttle bus will run from JR Uchiko Station

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