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2024.3.4【March 30th】Sakura and Sake Night Tour

Enjoy local Sake and Japanese cuisine!

Sakura & Sake Night Tour

Uchiko town has two famous cherry blossom spots which are "Aino-no-hana" and "Okubi pond".
"Aino-no-hana" is a large weeping cherry.  When you step into the drooping branches, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale.  On the other hand, the cherry trees at "Okubi pond " are Somei-Yoshino. The cherry blossoms reflect in the pond, creating a postcard-like scenery.
You get to visit these two sights by a premium jumbo taxi.
Dinner is served before the night Sakura tour at “ Kotetsu”.
You will enjoy a comparison of 4 types of local sake from Uchiko and a Japanese course meal using seasonal fish .
Enjoy a beautiful spring night in Uchiko town.


《D a t e 》  2 0 2 4 / 3 / 3 0 ( S a t )
《T i m e 》 M e e t i n g  a t  1 8 : 0 0 / R e t u r n  a r o u n d  2 1 : 4 5 *
《M e e t i n g P l a c e 》 U c h i k o  T o w n  V i s i t o r  C e n t e r
《P r i c e 》 1 8 , 1 5 0  y e n  p e r  p e r s o n


【Time Schedule】

<Meet at Uchiko Visitor Center 18:00>
18:10  Departure
18:20  Dinner at Kotetsu (Duration of stay 70min)
19:30  Leave for Sakura night tour

Okubi pond (Duration of stay 20min)
Aino-no-hana (Duration of stay 25min)

21:45  Return to Uchiko Visitor Center


*Time schedule is subject to change.

※This tour does not guarantee the best time to see the cherry blossom.

※All photos are for illustrative purposes only.
Please look at brochure from below.
To book a seat, send your information by the contact form.

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