• 【August 24th・25th】Uchiko-za Bunraku(Japanese pupet theatre)

2024.4.12【August 24th・25th】Uchiko-za Bunraku(Japanese pupet theatre)

『Uchiko-za Bunraku』will be held on August 24th and 25th in 2024 at Uchiko-za theatre.

There is no English guidance, but you would enjoy watching Japanese traditional performing art at Japanese old theatre.

Uchiko-za theatre will be closing from September in 2024, so this is probably a last chance to see a performance.


Uchiko-za Bunraku

■Date   2024/8/24 & 25


①Moring  10:00~12:30

②Afternoon  14:00~16:30

■Main performers

【Tayu】Wakatayu Toyotake, Shikorodayu Takemoto

【Shamisen】Seisuke Tsuruzawa, Enza Tsuruzawa

【Pupets】Kazuo Yoshizawa(Living National Treasure), Tamao Yoshida(Living National Treasure)


■Ticket fee

A: Matsu seats  8000 yen

B: Special Take seats  7000 yen

C: Take seats  5000 yen

D: Ume seats  3000 yen

※Sorry, Children under age 5 can not enter.

■Ticket will be on sale from April 21st.

To buy a ticket, please send a message at the e-mail address below↓↓

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